How do I get started?
You must have a Tron compatible cryptocurrency wallet in order to interact with the smart contract. DO NOT send TRX directly from exchanges to the contract address. You will lose access to your funds and we cannot recover them.
Does the 1UP team control the dividend payments?
The smart contract facilitates all functions of 1UP network. The 1UP team is unable to access the funds within the smart contract. The website is only used to create a better user experience when interacting with the smart contract. If the website is down, the funds in the smart contract are safe and secure on the Tron (TRX) blockchain and can still be accessed by users.
Why am I unable to deposit, withdraw, reinvest or exit game?
Most likely, you need 2-5 TRX in your wallet in order to pay the transaction fees to the Tron Network. If you do not want to pay fees to the Tron Network, you are able to freeze TRX in order to obtain energy and bandwidth.
Am I able to withdraw my initial investment?
You can choose to exit the contract and withdraw 50% of your credited amount at any time. Exiting the contract removes you from the game permanently. You will still be able to withdraw any stacked dividends but will no longer to receive any new dividends. The other 50% of your investment will remain in the contract for the other users to benefit from.
Game Information

Deposit Tron (TRX) and earn 1-2% in TRX dividends daily. All users will be credited with 90% of their deposited amount. The dividend percentage is variable starting from 1% on the first day and increasing by 0.02% every 24 hours until a maximum of 2% is reached (Cap). Your daily dividend percentage will be reset to 1% any time you withdraw dividends from the smart contract.

You may reinvest without affecting your daily percentage increases. Your daily dividend amount is guaranteed, but you must withdraw them to your wallet to take full ownership of the dividends. Dividends are available to be withdrawn at any time as long as there is enough TRX available in the smart contract.

At any point, you can choose to exit the contract. You will receive 50% of your credited amount in TRX should you choose to exit. If you exit, you are forfeiting your claim to any future dividends from the contract unless you choose to deposit additional funds.

Your deposited amount is split as follows:

  • 90% credited to you
  • 4% referral rewards
  • 2% developer fee
  • 2% marketing fee
  • 2% P3T token fee

The core contract has a card game attached to grow the dividend pool. There are 3 cards available for purchase starting at 100 TRX. Each time the card is purchased the card doubles in price. When a card changes owners, the following occurs:

  • 55% of the purchase price goes directly into the previous owner’s wallet (110% of what they purchased the card for)
  • 45% of the purchase price gets added to the smart contract pool to pay users dividends

Card holders are rewarded a percentage of each deposit into the main contract while they are holding the card. If the card is not purchased from them over a certain time period, then the price of the card decreases (cut in half).

  • Card 1: Receive 1.25% of deposits. If nobody purchases in 5 days, price halves.
  • Card 2: Receive 0.5% of deposits. If nobody purchases in 3 days, price halves.
  • Card 3: Receive 0.25% of deposits. If nobody purchases in 1 day, price halves.

There is a capped amount one person is able to withdraw daily in order to protect the users from 1 player pulling large amounts from the contract. The protection amount is 0.05% of the contract balance at the time they choose to withdraw. The 'whale protection' does not apply when the user exits the game, taking 50% of their total investment.

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